Every parent wants to make sure that clothes of their children not only look their best but comfortable as well.Clothes are made in many adorable fabrics and designs, but some are more functional and practical than others.Today ,there are a number of brands that have established themselves as niche children wear manufacturers. Usually, parents look into the colors and the fabric material while selecting clothes for their kids.

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Girls Dresses

In Europe and the Americas, dresses are worn by females of all ages as an alternative to a separate skirt and blouse or trousers. Dresses however can be cooler and less confining than many trouser styles, and are therefore commonly worn in warmer weather.Buying clothing and especially dresses can be a lot of fun. Girls’ clothing from infancy up to the teenage years is full of fun prints, fabrics, and styles.Girls’ dresses can serve a number of purposes from everyday play wear to fancy party dresses for weddings and other special occasions.

The material of a dress is one of the first elements buyers can use toward choosing the perfect girls’ dress for a person or occasion. The four most common types of material used in dressmaking are cotton, synthetic fabric, wool, and silk. Each has its own specific traits that lend to specific pluses and minuses.

Girls Tops

Girls tops are meant to be fun, colorful, decorative and cut to flatter a feminine body. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, strappy and strapless tops are available to match the weather and add another layer to a girl's outfit. When shopping for a top for a girl or for yourself, you will want to pay attention to the cut, style, patterns and colors. Match the top you choose to the personality and style of the wearer so she will feel comfortable and confident in her new clothes.Girls’ tops include any type of T-shirt, tank top, sweater, jacket, tunic, or blouse that can be worn by a girl aged 0 to 16 years. The word ‘top’ is generally used interchangeably with the word ‘shirt’ but is often to be considered less specific, as the word shirt designates a thin top with either long or short sleeves, as opposed to a sweater, tank top, or other type of top. The top covers the upper body from the neckline to the waistline, although some can be longer, as in the case of tunics, and others can be very short and only extend to the upper rib cage. Tops can be paired with skirts, leggings, jeans, and pants and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns. Most girls’ tops are designed to slightly mimic women’s fashion while ensuring the modesty and warmth required by young girls.Girls’ tops include basic tops such as tank tops, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, tunics, blouses, and other styles. Girls should choose the style of top based on fashion, weather, season, and occasion. Girls can choose from a variety of clothing styles to achieve different looks but, in most cases, what is worn with the top will determine the overall effect.

Boys Shirts

Boys’ shirts come in a number of different sizes and styles. In addition, manufacturers utilise different materials to produce boys’ shirts. Parents also need to factor in the time of year, price, and the purpose for wearing a boys’ shirt. Boys’ shirts come in a number of sizes and designs that make the buying process seem complicated. Size is the key, as boys can grow a size virtually overnight. Because of boy growth spurts, parents should consider buying more than one size of a boys’ shirt of similar style. They should also avoid buying too many pricey dress shirts. Parents should involve their boys in the shirt buying process to avoid choosing shirts that their boys refuse to wear. Involvement also allows parents to receive an accurate measurement of their boys’ shirt size.

Boys Pants

Boys are active and grow quickly. They usually participate in a wide range of activities which means that they need a good selection of durable apparel. Typically, pants are the clothing item that they wear out the fastest, usually by wearing holes into the knees or tearing the pockets. Regardless of the cause, boys need to have a good stock of pants in their wardrobe. The best option is to have many different types of pants that are each tailored to the boy’s different activities. For example, sports, school, and outside play have different demands on a boy’s pants.Boys need pants that match their lifestyle, and parents need to shop in a way that saves them money and hassle. By knowing about the different types of pants, and which ones to stock up on, parents can put off having to purchasing new pants every time boys are too hard on their clothing. Moms or dads can also buy pants that are darker colors so that stains will not show up on them as easily. This will prolong the lifespan of the pants.

Children's Socks

Socks are a protective garment that cover the feet. Depending on the design, a pair of socks may reach as low as the ankle or as high as the knee. Since feet sweat a lot, especially when wearing shoes, socks are used to absorb this moisture. More than that, they also keep the foot from developing blisters, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, heel pain, and many other foot ailments. Additionally, this item of clothing is worn to keep the feet warm when the weather gets chilly.

The sizes for socks are presented in a range (i.e. 3-6 months or shoe size 5 to 10) rather than a definitive number. However, an ill-fitting sock is just as much of a problem as an ill-fitting shoe, so it is important to pay attention to all aspects of the sizing process. This includes looking at the child’s age as well as his or her shoe size. Depending on the brand of kids’ socks, the choices will vary.Most of us wear socks on a daily basis. They provide us with warmth, comfort, support and protection. Though we don't think about them often, socks play a major role in the health and comfort of our feet. Socks are designed to cover our entire foot and are worn both with footwear and sometimes without (mostly indoors for relaxing or sleeping purposes). Socks are made with a variety of fibers including cotton, wool, nylon or a variety of other newly developed synthetic materials. They come in every color, a variety of patterns and styles and sometimes have embellishments such as pom poms, bells or ribbons. For sporting teams, colored socks are often a key part of teammate's uniforms and can help identify one team from another.